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Natural Family Care    


Welcome To Our Company

NATURAL FAMILY CARE is a PRIVATE  LIMITED. body corporate company registered under the Companies Act 1956 Vide No.U51397PB2013PTC038190. This company mainly deals in providing online services of various types for 24X7 all over India to all our business associates at the same prices, which we all are availing in our lives in routine, the detail of which is mentioned under the head 'Operative Services' and the company is striving hard to provide all-most all the available marketable services in the market. The services, which are in the offing in the very near future are being mentioned under the head 'Services in the Offing'. Natural Family Care Pvt Ltd. is diversified business corporation with balance portfolio in various sectors. Natural Family Care Pvt Ltd. is led by team of experienced professionals. Natural Family Care Pvt one of India's upcoming houses with multiple business activities across the country. Direct selling retail format & E-commerce forms the creative business activity of Natural Family Care Pvt Ltd


How To Work
The company is coming in a very big way in the market through e-commerce services. The business associates would be provided with innumerable products to choose from the product list to listed under the head 'Product List' and they can place order from the available balance in their accounts and the products would be delivered at their residences on nominal freight charges to be displayed on the site from  time to time.The above services and products sale is through an established system of network marketing. This process of business primarily aims at profit sharing amongst consumers of all walks of life as per the given incentive plan. We distribute profits at each point/phase of sale of services and products. Due emphasis is given for changing the mode of availing services and purchasing products by our business associates. If the services and goods required by them for their personal use and house hold consumption are available with our company and tie-up institutions, they should avail and purchase the same as per our marketing system.

“We charge one time from your pocket & thereafter adjust the required payment out of your payouts in very nominal fractions for providing the services of various kinds under one platform, basically being availed by us from good morning till good night. Whatever services we will avail, whatever products we will purchase in our lives through this system will derive us income under various heads. It is not only during our live times that this system will work but till eternity, we can reap the fruits of our labor through our decedents. This is the basic principle, which we have laid stress upon.

The most important change, which we have tried to bring is that except for the first pack of goods or so, nobody is somebody's up-line, down-line and even cross line and the soul of the concept i.e. for re-availing of services and repurchasing the products of our daily needs, not only by our down-line even an up-line's and rather even by the cross line's re-availing of services and repurchase of products from time to time, would give profit to persons placed at the bottom at some point of time.

In order to be successful in the concept, we need to understand the concept deeply and to implement the same merely by changing our purchasing habits and availing of services available in the company.


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